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Get ready to fall in love with the delicious flavor of our frosted sugar cookies. Discover our thick, rich icing that is sweet and creamy. Bite into our soft, buttery cookies made using only the finest quality ingredients. We offer a variety of hand decorated cookies for every season that are baked to perfection and individually wrapped.

Our goal from the beginning was to banish the dry frosting and lackluster packaged sugar cookie experience. The Merlino family entered the kitchen determined to bring back the fresh, soft, lightly sweet taste of the classic sugar cookie and vowed to only use the finest ingredients and to hand-decorate each cookie. Say goodbye to the store bought cookies that are stamped out in rows, one resting before another in a flimsy plastic container that more often than not arrive home in crumbles. Our cookies are large, super soft, melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies enrobed with creamy frosting.

Our History

The Merlino Baking Company was founded in Kent, Washington in 1977. We started our family-owned baking business because we felt our loved ones and friends deserved a high quality sugar cookie.

In 2006 Seattle Gourmet Foods bought Merlino Baking Company and has been proudly maintaining their commitment to baking excellence ever since. Using the Merlino family’s recipe we’ve baked and sold over a million frosted sugar cookies - each handcrafted with loving care.

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We hope you’ll invite us into your family traditions and memories. Take us along to your baseball practices, share us at book club or keep us on hand at your next Halloween party.

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